Visitor visa (Subclass 600)

The visitor visa is more flexible for visitors on short term tourist and business trip. all visitor can apply inside and outside Australia.

  • Allows visitor to stay for 3 & 12 Months.

Australia Immigration

Australia has always been known as an ideal tourist spot because of its spectacular beauty and unusual tourist attraction. Most families and individuals choose to visit Australia for a temporary stay or vacation for the pleasant moments it offers to its visitors.
But, with the change in times, Australia emerged as a perfect hub for employment and the number of people choosing Australia for a permanent residency amazingly increased. The developments & innovations brought in by the Aussies in their technology sector gave way to increased employment opportunities.
As the country lacks in talented youth, especially for their IT & Engineering sectors, the Government has made Immigration a prime aspect in the development of the country’s economy. Skilled workers from various nations of the world are being invited to Australia for a permanent stay through a fair and unprejudiced skilled immigration system through Australia PR.

Canada  Australia & New Zealand Visas Services

Canada Visas
  • Canada Immigration
  • Canada Express Entry
  • Canada PNP
  • Canada Dependent Visa
  • Canada Family Visa
  • Canada Open Work Permit
  • Canada Visitor Visa
  • Canada Entrepreneur Visa
  • Canada Student Visa
  • Post-Graduation Work Permit Visa
  • Canada Work Visa
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
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Australia  Visas
  • Skilled Independent (189)
  • Skilled Nominated (190)
  • Skilled Nominated (489)
  • Subclass 457 visa
  • Employer Nomination (186)
  • Regional Sponsored (187)
  • Business Talent (132)
  • Visitor Visa
  • Married or de-Facto
  • Employer Sponsored
  • Family Visa
  • Temporary Visa
  • Prospective Marriage
  • Temporary Visa

New Zealand

Tourist Visas

New Zealand is seen as a top holiday destination internationally, it has been awarded a few times for its scenic beauty and adventure. Averaging 2.5 million international tourists visiting every year, tourism is the largest industry in New Zealand.

Family Visas

New Zealand has a range of family visas to help partners, dependent children, parents, siblings or adult children of New Zealand citizens or residents to come to live in New Zealand. New Zealand’s family visas are for those applicants who have family members in New Zealand and they are willing to sponsor them. This type of visa depends on the sponsor’s profile, whether the sponsor has sufficient income to support the visa applicant or not.

Business Visas

New Zealand is a booming economy of the world at present, being a first world country companies from all over seek to do business here, there are lot of options for business people to come to New Zealand for a business related visit. Also for people to establish, manage or develop a new or existing business, or invest in New Zealand.

New Zealand PR (Permanent Residency)

New Zealand welcomes new migrants from all over the world with open hands, people who will contribute by bringing valuable skills or qualifications, setting up a business, or making a financial investment in the country. Usual Categories are:

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category (Skilled PR)

The New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) is for foreign skilled workers who are under 50 years of age, healthy, of good character and who speak English. This is an opportunity for them to move to New Zealand to work and live permanently.

Requirements for Skilled Migration Category:

To fulfil the basic requirements to be eligible for residence under Skilled Migrant Category you must:

  • Should be 55 or under
  • Should be healthy
  • Should be of good character
  • Speak English

To qualify under the New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category a minimum of 100 points needs to be scored in points based assessment. You score points for age, experience, employability and qualifications. Candidates for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category, who have an offer of employment, work experience or qualifications in an area of absolute skill shortage identified on the LTSSL (Long Term Skill Shortage List), may gain bonus points towards their application for residence, which may also help them to qualify for Skilled Migrant Category. Once you qualify, the first step towards skilled migration can be made by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) for skilled migration to immigration New Zealand. If you have claimed 100 points or more on your EOI, you can submit it into the Pool. 100 points will get your EOI into the ‘Pool’, but the more points you have, the more likely you are to be selected. Once your EOI is drawn from the pool, after assessment the department sends an Invitation To Apply (ITA) and now you will have to show proof of the claims made on your EOI. This means medical and police certificates, proof of English language ability, and documentation regarding your skills, experience, and other factors. After you submit application and the documents asked, department starts assessing you for residence. They will once again make sure that you meet all requirements, and that your points claimed are valid. The department will also assess you on your ability to settle in New Zealand successfully. They may consider you able based on your application, or may wish to interview you.